Wallace/McClelland House and Studio

Specimen Gully

Specimen Gully

Night at Specimen Gully

The Wallace/McClelland home and studio  offers the artist, or those who yearn to live creatively, a wonderful opportunity to be a part of Castlemaine’s art history.

Blending imperceptibly into the surrounding bushland this quirky, eclectic property offers a rich lifestyle. Aside from the mudbrick home which features brick floors, beamed ceilings and is heated by an open fire and slow combustion stove there is an expansive, light filled studio which has been the scene of many artistic gatherings.

The garden, designed by Michael Wright, a landscape architect was created to complement the house as an oasis setting in the midst of dry box forest. Once featured in Australian County Style and the Castlemaine Garden festival this garden is in complete harmony with the surroundings.

Country Style Feature

This Australian Country Style article, featuring the Wallace McClelland Gallery, highlights the richness of this artistic environment.

A diverse range of native plants have been chosen to withstand the heat of summer, the severe winter frosts and skeletal soils. They come alive when so many European plants lie dormant.

Live here and you will be surrounded by an endless source of inspiration.

Specimen Gully

Specimen Gully


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